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We ELEF World

We're creating the best interactive entertainment by making NFT games that will change the way people live thru Play to Earn.


In the past couple of years since the pandemic hit, a lot of people lost their jobs and source of income. People evolve in finding ways to provide for their family. Online jobs started popping up. These ranges from online tutorials, blogs of every content imaginable and different other things. One of them is the NFT games. These games offer a different kind of environment where players can enjoy playing and earn at the same time. There were a lot of NFT games that suddenly became available. Axie Infinity, Crypto Blades, Plant vs Undead, and many more. 
One of the similarities of these NFT games is their tokenomics. Every game has their own token that requires you to purchase as an initial investment in order to start their game. This is where ELEF World will change that!


ELEF WORLD is an NFT game with a simple gameplay mechanics. It enables players to earn LF rewards that are exchangeable anytime to ELEF Token. ELEF World will develop 10 games with One Universal token which is ELEF.
There is no need to have any gaming experience in order to play this game, it is very simple for any person to invest and join the fun.
Our NFT Game will be focused on building 10 different metaverse game which will allow investors to make a sizable amount of profit by: Buying and trading in-game NFT characters, Mining, Farming, Fighting enemies and Bosses to earn LF, playing the PVP game mode to earn weekly prize pool and more!
We look forward to seeing you in our game and enjoying this very simple but lucrative experience!

Meet the ELEF World Team


Ronald Cartey

Ronald Cartey is a UK born entrepreneur who specializes in management and corporate development having built and led multiple organisations to International success. With a proven history of managing large international companies for the past 30 years in Africa, Australia, Asia and the UK, his vast experience in many fields ensures that his expertise is widely recognized making him the ideal person to grow and lead the company forward.
Additionally, this extensive corporate experience linked to his successful Business Development expertise in the Crypto space means that Ronald is well equipped to provide ‘growth, expansion and leadership’ expertise in addition to an understanding and insight to the world of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. 

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Dan Schwartz

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Having held a variety of Senior Executive positions providing strategic and management consulting services in the areas of international marketing, business development, and communications services, Daniel is a key member of the Management team.  His corporate background has included the integration of online/offline marketing activities tying together events, PR, social media and Website development and applications. 

Author, Senior Executive and Investor in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Management with extensive contacts and relationships throughout Asia in many Industries through intense networking and relationship building over the past 20 years, his reputation for Global Expansion is built upon the success of several Companies he has consulted to and worked with achieving outstanding success for shareholders and members alike.


Antar Hoffmann

Antar has 10 years progressive experience from the German military to sales management up to heading his own consulting firm which mostly handles financial and banking sectors. He is also a risk officer with one of the biggest German banks for the past 3 years. He is also responsible for the crypto section, mostly Bitcoin and Ripple for several big brands like BMW and some internal bank deals evaluating risks. This led him to the cryptocurrency world back in 2018 adding the fact that he has a passion for games. He utilizes his acquired skills in the cryptocurrency space and his love of gaming to take over as the development team leader to help deliver the vision of ELEF which promises 10 games using 1 token, and a huge opportunity for all players to have fun and earn at the same time.

Program Manager and Game Development Team Lead

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