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Crypto NanoTube is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by mining LF by Miners. LF is the mineral (in-game reward) that can be converted to ELEF token which allows you to live another day and make profit.

Crypto NanoTube aims to be the GREATEST GAME in the blockchain because it has simple mechanics and by letting players enjoy being a part of a vast Elef World that has the thrill of strategic gameplay, and of course, earn LF rewards that can be exchangeable anytime to ELEF tokens.

The game is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and is compatible with web3 wallets such as MetaMask, which will be used to accept transactions and pay for gas fees. MetaMask can be installed as a browser extension, or as an application on your mobile devices. 

Assets are player-owned NFTs minted in the ERC-721 standard which may be traded on our marketplace or selling them via P2P to another player.

new token.png
LF TOKEN (1) (1).png

 The Official Token for all ELEF World Games 

 In game reward Token for all ELEF World Games 

 Game Asset 

Game Asset

 Normal characters can be sold in the Marketplace (cloned or purchased through normal chests)


Limited Chest Benefits - Available limited chest = 1,000 only 
(((12,500 + 15,000 + 20,000 + 25,000 + 40,000 ) / 5 ) *20 = 450,000 LF
Mining Power : 450,000 LF token per contract.
Contract Ranges 3-15 days which is random.
Meaning even if you have 3 days contract you'll get 450,000 LF token
Price of Limited Chest = 35,000 ELEF / chest for the first 200 valid whitelisted - 70,000 ELEF / Chest = 401 - 1000 limited chest
- Mining LF Power of a limited Chest = x20 of a normal chest
- Limited characters have the ability to clone 10 normal characters every month for 12 months
- 100 Free Lucky Spin per day for Limited Characters owners 

**After buying your chest, you will need to wait for 7 days for the chest to be opened.

**Limited Characters are non-transferable to other players.

**Limited Characters cannot be sold in the Marketplace.


  • Normal Characters = no cloning capability

  • Limited Characters = with cloning capability up to 1 year

Validity of Character:

  • Normal Characters - allowed to mine for 1 year; thereafter they will be retired.

  • Limited Characters - no expiration

How to mine LF

 How to Mine LF 

  • Players need to have “Miners” in order to mine LF in the 1st game.

    1. A Miner can be obtained by purchasing a Normal Chest or a Limited Chest.

    2. Normal Chests  with a limited supply of 20,000.

    3. Limited Chests  with a limited supply of 1,000.

Players need to have 3 Game Items in order to mine.​

Shovel-Pick (2).png
  • Pickaxe is used after loosening the rocks using TNT, the Pickaxe is used to remove rocks and uncover LF minerals. The Shovel, on the other hand, is used for digging in the mines and expanding them. 

  • Nanotube Miners need 1 Pickaxe and Shovel per day (varies from 3 - 15 days) . 

  • 100 LF = 1 Pickaxe & Shovel

TNT (1).png
  • TNT explosive is used to break or loosen rock first before digging in order to mine LF minerals. 

  • Nanotube Miners need 2 TNT per day to mine LF minerals. 

  • This will make digging LF minerals easier.  

  • 100 LF = 10 TNT

FOOD (1).png
  • Every Miner needs food in order to mine efficiently. This would make the miner healthy and full of energy as he mine everyday. A happy, well - fed miner is a happy miner!

  • A miner needs to consume 30 Food per day.

  • 50 LF = 100 FOOD

  • Duration or “Contract” for each miner to complete the task of mining will be 3 days for Normal Characters.

  • Below is the table of the LF each miner can get with a 3 days contract.

Game Items - Goo (1).png

Exchange Rate


Once all conditions are met, players will just have to click on “MINE” and wait until the contract ends.

ELEF World Scholarship Program: Miners for hire

In ELEF World, we want to give an opportunity to everyone to play for fun and earn at the same time. We understand that in these trying times, not everyone has the financial capability or resource to buy chests, Normal or Limited, to obtain “Miners”. With these taken into consideration, Elef World - Crypto Nanotube is proud to announce the ELEF World Scholarship Program: Miners for hire!


Definition of Terms:

Sponsor: The Sponsor is defined as the person or player that has Miners that he is willing to “Rent” to other players that have no or cannot afford Miners yet.


Scholar: The Scholar is the “rentee” of the “Miner” being rented.



Sponsor: Sponsors will have the ability to rent their miners to other players who are willing to do so.

Sponsors will have a “Rent” button available for them to enable their Miners to be rented.

Sponsors will be required 3000 LF to list their miners for renting and a 10% LF contract fee (based on the Miner's mining power).

Scholar: Scholars can rent available “Miners” from Sponsors in the game.

Scholars need to ensure that they have the 3 essential Game Items in their inventory to be able to “Mine” LF.

TNT, Pickaxe and Shovel, Food

Scholars will be required 1000 LF and a 10% LF contract fee (based on the Miner's mining power) to rent miners from sponsors.


Normal Characters rented:

70% of the total LF mined will be granted to the Sponsor .

30% of the total LF mined will be granted to the Scholar .

Limited Characters rented:

80% of the total LF mined will be granted to the Sponsor .

20% of the total LF mined will be granted to the Scholar .

Scholarship Program



Common Land
Free Land
Max capacity of 10 Miners 
Available on January 2022


 Deluxe land
Max capacity of 20 Miners
5% Bonus LF per Miner 
50,000 ELEF
Available on April 2022
no Whitelist Policy


 Premium Land 
Max capacity of 40 Miners
10% Bonus LF per Miner 
600,000 ELEF with 4 Limited Characters
Available on April 2022
with Whitelist Policy

 Achievement reward challenge 

Achievement reward
  • Players can share the game through social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) and earn the in-game token - 5 LF per share for a maximum of 5 shares daily

  • Own 1 Miner within 3 days = 200 LF

  • Own 1 Miner = 100 LF

  • Own 3 Miner within a month = 500 LF

  • Own 5 Miner = 1000 LF

  • Own 10 Miner = 1000 LF

  • Own 1 Land = 1000 LF

  • Own 15 Miner = 2000 LF

  • Own 2 Land = 2000 LF

  • Own 20 Miner = 3000 LF

  • Own 3 Land = 3000 LF

  • Own 4 Land = 4000 LF

  • Own 40 Miner = 4000 LF

  • Own 5 Land = 5000 LF

  • Own 50 Miner = 5000 LF

Lucky Spin
Roulette lucky spin.png
Roulette lucky spin.png

Mechanics: Available on January 2022


1 Spin = 100 LF per spin 

***Unlimited spin per user as long as there's an LF to spend.

***100 Free Spin per day for Limited Nano owners per account.

Reward per item:

TNT = 50 Lucky  points

Pick & Shovel = 75 Lucky  points

LF = 100 Lucky points

Food = 150 Lucky points

Season 1 Rewards: 


Top 1 = 500,000 ELEF

Top 2 - 10 = 100,000 ELEF

Top 11 to 100 = 10,000 ELEF

Top 101 to 1000 = 1,000 ELEF


***Season = Quarterly basis (Normal circumstances)

Bonus points:


  • Each spin can be shared to any social media account which will be rewarded with 125 Lucky  points.

  • Limited to 1 share per spin per social media. If you want to earn additional points, you will need to spin again.


Fusion is needed to reactivate an expired miner in order to generate a 365 days mining capability.


You can only use the same rarity per fusion:


  • It is also a level-up gameplay inside the nanotube mining.


Here are the rules for fusion:

Fusion NAnotube.jpg

 Daily community mining = 200 LF reward 

 Requirement: 1pc. Pick & Shovel; 4 pcs. Food; 1 Owned NFT Miner 

 Daily community herbal harvest = 200 LF reward 

 Requirement: 1pc. Pick & Shovel; 4 pcs. Food; 3 Owned NFT Miner 

 Daily community Meditation = 200 LF reward 
 Requirement: 10 pcs. Food; 5 Owned NFT Miner 

 Weekly community mining 1000 LF reward 
 Requirement: 2pcs. Pick & Shovel; 14 pcs. Food; 1 Owned NFT Miner 

 Weekly community herbal harvest 2000 LF reward 
 Requirement: 1pc. Pick & Shovel; 14 pcs. Food; 3 Owned NFT Miner 

 Weekly community Meditation 3000 LF reward 
 Requirement: 70 pcs. Food; 5 Owned NFT Miner 


Available on May 2022




 With Gas Fees: 

  •  Buying of limited/normal chest 

  •  Conversion of ELEF token to LF, LF to ELEF 

  • Cloning

 Without Gas Fees: 

 All other in-game transactions 

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