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Airdrop 1 - Thank you!!!

Hello Elef World!!!

We are happy to announce that the distirbution of the tokens to the winners of the Airdrop 1 is finished!!!

It took a while to validate and distribute the tokens to all the winning addresses and we thank you for your patience.

It took 45 days to validate all entries. We had a total of 69,647 participants with 12,075 valid entries and we have distributed a total of 920,390 Elef tokens to the valid addresses.

Here are the top 10 participants of the Airdrop 1 Event:

1. @seisana

2. @daffadaniel

3. @Ferdiansyah1

4. @bantalan888

5. @rostar_90

6. @Andoi69

7. @yangbung

8. @dermagamandi

9. @zonbie1124

10. @kozinaru0x

See you all on our next events!!!

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