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Hello ELEFbody!

The results are in! Huge thanks to all who participated in our Additional Normal Chest Supply Survey and CONGRATULATIONS to our 10 LUCKY WINNERS!

Here's the outcome of the survey with 380 respondents:

  • 20,000 Additional Normal Chest: 76 votes

  • 10,000 Additional Normal Chest: 104 votes

  • 5,000 Additional Normal Chest: 149 votes

  • No Additional Normal Chest: 51 votes

As a result, we will be opening 5,000 ADDITIONAL NORMAL CHEST SUPPLY and is NOW AVAILABLE in our Market Place.

Please also be advised that all sales accumulated from the additional chest supply will be burned.

Here are the 10 lucky winners of 1 Normal Chest:

  1. 0x4411E95EcB0b4081C66c41A8e169E657f4Efd2BC

  2. 0x9fA1eAeD7898482525A5a85e6E971FB44F57BE13

  3. 0x9439d19D9353014831bC68935D95C58fA129dA86

  4. 0x504C3Ec313e9B8cF6144CF11a7f9D1A078134482

  5. 0x58E2DD3D7e221986d12D047268C3C2264a8A39EA

  6. 0xf632852d4955148f5Ea21F3C19E54e0a70F25A7C

  7. 0x9274aC698F5D6A928E33eb396A1C933e16Be89E9

  8. 0x0C2E325c40cf9a6425CEe7Cc352d8dFF0e7223bE

  9. 0x15dEBFCc5503BF23c24d5A0C16ba9a28f8e42814

  10. 0xdE8c24cB0FC12cD32EDec043dD1Db7782404E826

Congratulations, Winners! You may now find your prizes in your inventory.

Again, thanks to all who participated. We look forward to seeing you in more exciting surveys in the future!

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