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Attention: Token migration is now successfully completed! 17.5M Total ELEF tokens migrated

Hello ELEFbody!

Great news! Here's to update you that token migration is now successfully completed!

Please be informed that all tokens from members who submitted their claims have now been migrated to the New CA (0xB9Ca307a74a6E4c114B3170B38C470c95b20f376) with a total of 17,541,396 ELEF tokens.

For the complete list of valid claims, click on this link:

For the list of invalid claims, click here:

We will also open an appeal form for the invalidated claims. You may fill out the form here:


• Old tokens must still be in your wallet to validate the number of tokens that will be swapped.

We hope you enjoy your newly swapped ELEF tokens!


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