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Buying Miners Using LF is NOW LIVE!!!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Hello ELEFbody!

You can NOW use your LF tokens to purchase characters in the Marketplace! The guidelines for making these purchases are:

  1. You need to have enough LF tokens to purchase the character you want.

  2. If LF tokens are used for the transaction, the amount will have a20% tax in LF added.

  3. The amount of LF tokens to be used will depend on the exchange rate for the month. For the full table of exchange rates, please visit


Miner is listed for 1,500 ELEF with the Exchange rate of LF to ELEF for March 2022 being 100:1. 1,500 LF is equal to 150,000 LF. The 20% ‘tax’ on 150,000 LF is 30,000 LF meaning you will be able to buy the character for 180,000 LF tokens which in summary is 150,000 LF + 30,000 LF (tax).

Please be reminded that the 1000 free spins bonus will still be in effect for every purchase using LF in the Marketplace. This means that every successful purchase will give you 1000 free lucky spins.

We are continuously looking for ways that you can benefit more in Elef World and lets us all continue to promote and encourage friends and family to join our growing community. Thank you for your continued patronage!

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