Good day ELEF WORLD!!!

We are happy to announce that we are now CERTIFIED BY TOKEN INVESTIGATIONS in Telegram!!! This is another great milestone for everyone!!!

Token Investigations is a channel where they review token projects. They provide investigations on token projects which deal with the value of the project, the smart contract code where they review the main functions of the contract, and the team. It is also a venue where we can give our opinion and they are not biased.

Having been reviewed by Token Investigations, you can be assured that the developers are working tirelessly for the continuous improvement and success of this project.

You may visit and check our project, ELEF World, by joining the Token Investigations group in TG.

Token Investigations

👨‍💻 Smart Contract Reviews

👥 Community : @InvestigatorAssociation

📮 Dm : @debzy2lanight



10 Games 1 Universal ELEF Token

__👨‍💻 CONTRACT REVIEW 👨‍💻_____

✅ Transfer from LEGIT

✅ Transfer Ownership LEGIT

✅ No tax, 0,1% slippage **LEGIT**

📌 External function: burn & transfer only

💠 Solidity version : v0.8.1

______👨‍💻TRADER INFOS 👨‍💻__________

🎚 Slippage Buy 0.1-2% Sell 0.1-2%

👝 Creator Wallet

📌 No other wallet, Owner can only burn & transfer supply


Quite big game project, with a lot of game in coming including ELEF World, CryptoNanoTube, VerdTube, DinoTube,Shark Thug & more

Nice marketing plans already achieved, CMC & a lot of other website crypto voting site

They managed to keep a nice daily volume for a week, which is good

The next games will be one by one starting soon, so there is some potential there

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