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Crypto Nanotube - Game Delay

Hello Elef World!!!

Our developers want to ensure the safety of your investments so we have placed precautionary measures so your NFT characters and Elef/LF tokens are well-guarded. With this being said, our Crypto Nanotube Mining game will be delayed until January 30, 2022. We are all excited to start our mining game to earn but we do not want to jeopardize your trust and assets by launching the game too soon just to have issues after. We understand that this will result to negative feelings and opinions about the project but decided that in the long run, this will benefit you further.

We cannot put into words how sorry we are but more than that, we do not want anyone to be hacked or scammed and lose their valuable investment.

We are asking for your understanding and patience for us to deliver a secure and reliable game which will run for years. As a compensation to everyone, the Lucky Spin mini game will be extended.

Again, from the Elef World Management, we apologize for this announcement but rest assured that we are working round the clock to deliver the first game as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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