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Crypto NanoTube Game Opening Reminders

Hello Elef World!!!

As the game opening approaches, there are a couple of reminders we want to give the community:

  1. Chests, both Limited and Normal, will be available for opening (given that the timer already counted down to zero)

  2. Minting of characters will be at least 30 minutes each to avoid congestion in the BSC network. Please be patient when opening your characters.

  3. Cloning will be available for Limited characters (please refer to number 2 for the duration of minting characters).

  4. Crypto NanoTube game will be open to players for mining.

  5. Free 200 lucky spins will be discontinued.

  6. LF to ELEF exchange will be re-opened.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with the postponement of the game launch. We appreciate that you are still here to support Elef World!!!

Let's have fun and earn!!!

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