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Crypto NanoTube Limited Chest Owners - Announcement!!!

Hello Elef World!!!

We would like to inform all members who owns a Limited Chest of the following:

  • Limited Characters are non-transferable to other players.

  • Limited Characters cannot be sold in the Marketplace.

Having a Limited character gives you the following:

Mining Power:

  • Mining Power: 450,000 LF token per contract.


  • Limited characters have the ability to clone 10 normal characters every month for 12 months.

Validity of Character:

  • Limited Characters - No Expiration.

Lucky Spin:

  • 1 Free Lucky Spin per day for Limited Character owners.

If you still want to return your Limited Chests in-spite of the great benefits you will get by owning one, you may click on the button below for refund. we would also like to inform you of the following:

  • The amount of token that will be refunded will have deduction for the processing and gas fees. Example, if the chest is bought at 35,000 ELEF tokens, the amount to be refunded will be 30,000 ELEF tokens.

  • Once the chest has been refunded, your discount (if you have one) will be voided. So if you decided to buy a limited chest again, it will be at a regular price of 100,000 Elef tokens.

  • Only Limited Chests will be refunded. If the Chest has been opened, it will not be eligible for any refund.

  • Click here for the LIMITED CHEST REFUND FORM or simply click the button below.

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