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ELEF World: A New System SOON!

Hello ELEF World!

We will be announcing a big surprise to our Investors!

As everyone is saying in the community, ELEF World is dead and slowly pulling out, but we are here to prove those people wrong.

In the past few weeks, we admit that there was a problem with the system due to a conflict of interest with the developers and management. We did not foresee this issue thus the ELEF World management is working tirelessly to bring the game back u and running. ELEF World has found a better developer with more experience and reasonable contract. Now, with the new created team, we are in the process of developing the new and improved system.

We will be announcing the changes soon and we THANK EVERYONE in the community for the continued support and patience. The new system will help everyone get back up and we will prove everyone that ELEF World is here to stay.

Major crypto currencies are all going south in the past few days but not with Elef World Token. Since yesterday, our token is trending up because of a new system is coming soon for a more secured and passive income for Elefbody. So, sit back, relax and keep calm cause the word “RUGPULL” doesn’t EXIST in ELEF World.

Stay tuned Elefbody!


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