ELEF World: Additional token burning mechanism

Hello ELEFbody!

More important information for all. In addition to the weekly burning of 1 Million ELEF tokens to help stabilize our token value, we will add another burning mechanism to help our ELEF community.

Starting April 8, 2022, 00:00 UTC, we will burn all the tokens gained from the VerdTube Seed sale with the accumulated amount until April 15, 2022, 23:59 UTC subject to Cryptocurrency Burning.

As a reminder, Cryptocurrency Burning is the process of removing tokens from circulation, which reduces the number of tokens in use. The tokens are sent to a wallet address that is outside of the network and cannot be used for transactions other than receiving the tokens. The purpose of this is to protect the token price (what is burned can’t be sold) and ensure the continued expansion and success of ELEF World for all.

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