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Elef World is now in DEXtools

Hello Elef World!!!

We are happy to announce that we are now listed in Dextools. This is another great milestone for everyone!!!

DEXtools is a price data analytics tool which helps traders to easily navigate decentralized networks. One of the most important features of the platform is the ability to keep a record of the live price of tokens.

DEXtools allows traders to have more insight into different tokens. The platform ranks tokens based on different data and allows the community to rank them as well. This can be seen under the “Community Ranking” section of the website. Furthermore, it gives you live prices and shows you detailed tokenomics, such as liquidity and volume.

One of the most advanced tools that DEXtools offers is the transaction section where all transactions, including size, time, address and price of a selected token can be seen. A good trader can use this information to evaluate the timing of his trades.

You have 2 options to trade your Elef Tokens:

You may visit and check ELEF token in DEXtools or through this link:

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