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ELEF World New Audit

As you are all aware, we changed our Contract Address and that required a new audit of our Smart Contract. Some Key points on the New Audit:

  1. Let me explain the reason for changing the contract address:

  2. Our new smart contract and the address has improved security for the tokens.

  3. We are using Trezor devices for cold storage as an added security measure.

  4. We had Solid Proof perform our initial audit, that audit contains the old CA of the token and we passed that without any medium or high issues in our Smart contract..

  5. Now we have had them perform a New Audit to:

  6. Check the Security of the game

  7. Ensure Compliance to the international cybersecurity guidelines.

  8. Here is a Link to our audit report:

  9. Now we are super excited by the upcoming Crypto Nanotube Mining Game release on January 16, 2022. A little more than 1 month away! Get your tokens and get ready to play! If you can afford to, make sure to take advantage of the reduced requirements to secure your Limited chests!

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