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Elef World: Stake and Earn Promo (Patron)

Hello Elef World!!!

In line with our previous announcement on staking, we will also open it to our holders with 500,000 Elef tokens on hand.

Here are the mechanics:

  • Lock 500,000 Elef Tokens in Deeplock for 12 months and earn 8% interest every month.

  • That's 40,000 Elef tokens every month or 480,000 ELEF tokens in 12 months.

  • Use Deeplock to lock your tokens for 12 months (

  • Rewards will be sent every 30th of the month directly to your wallet addresses.

Please note that the reward is based on a full 30 days staking. All tokens staked under 30 days will be prorated.

You may submit your information using the form below:

You may view the validated list by clicking on the button below:

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