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Elef World: Stake and Earn Promo: Patron (Update)

Hello ELEFbody!!!

In line with our previous announcement on staking, we will also open it to our holders with 500,000 ELEF tokens on hand.

Here are the mechanics:

  • Lock 500,000 ELEF Tokens in Unicrypt for 12 months and earn 8% interest every month.

  • That's 40,000 ELEF tokens every month or 480,000 ELEF tokens in 12 months.

  • Use Uncrypt to lock your tokens for 12 months (

  • Rewards will be sent every 30th of the month directly to your wallet addresses.

Please note that the reward is based on a full 30 days staking. All tokens staked under 30 days will be prorated.

You may submit your information using the form below:

You may view the validated list by clicking on the button below:


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