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Exchanging LF to ELEF

Hello Elef World!!!

Below are the steps on how to exchange LF to Elef:

In your Inventory screen, click on "Exchange"

After clicking on exchange, you will be directed to this window.

  • ELEF -> LF: Exchanging ELEF Tokens to LF in-game tokens

  • Click on the LF -> ELEF tab:

  • Enter the desired amount of LF you want to convert to Elef


  • Transaction Fee: gas fee when exchanging tokens (will vary depending on the exchange rate of BNB/ELEF).

  • Please note that transaction fee is in ELEF. You need to convert this to LF first to know the transaction fee in LF.

  • Amount to Receive: Total amount of LF you will receive after the exchange.

  • Exchange: After reviewing the numbers, click on "Exchange" to execute the exchange.

  • Once processing begins, wait for the exchange to finish.

  • Your dashboard will be updated with your balance once the processing is finished.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!

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