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Game Update - Whitelisted Limited Chest

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Hello Elef World!!!

We would like to inform all players that you may withdraw your locked tokens in Deeplock if it is already available for withdrawal. We would also like to set a reminder that for you to avoid being disqualified in the Whitelist, if you choose option 2, you need to keep your tokens in your wallet until the game opens on January 16, 2022. In the event that your tokens are not in your wallet, you have until January 11, 2022 9 PM UTC to refill your wallets. We will validate your wallet address to ensure that the tokens are in your wallet.

We also have another great news to qualified Whitelisters!!!

Refill your tokens to a total of 105,000 Elef Tokens and you are eligible upto 3 limited chest for only 35,000 Elef per chest!!!

Here’re the mechanics:

  • Open to all qualified wallet addresses included in the whitelist.

  • You must have 105,000 Elef tokens until the game opens on January 16, 2022 9:00 AM UTC.

  • You can refill your Elef tokens until January 11, 2022 9 PM UTC.

  • Limited Chest will be sold for 35,000 Elef per piece upto 3 chests.

Thank you for your patience and support!!! One more week TO THE MOON!!!

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