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Happy New Year to All!!!

Hello ELEF World!!!

2021 has been a challenging year for everyone. The pandemic is still around and jobs are lost due to companies closing.

But through the challenges we faced, we are still thankful that our Families are still here. We thank the LORD for giving us the strength to move on and strive to live.

As we close the year, we are excited and full of anticipation for 2022. We will change lives for the better and help in any way we can so everyone can have a fruitful and prosperous year

starting with our game launch on January 16, 2022. Our first game will just be one of many that will mark the success of our lives.

We also want to thank you, our team, for the continuous support and never-ending diligence in ensuring that Elef World will be successful. There will be difficult times ahead but we will get through it together. We want to build more than a community. We want to build more than a community -- we want to be a FAMILY that supports each other no matter what.

From the Elef World Team and Management, Happy New Year to All!!!

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