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ELEF World: Bug Reporting Process

Hello Elef World!!!

To ensure that we address your issues and concerns in the soonest possible way, you may submit your bug report in the path provided below. We want to ensure that our official chat groups in all of our social media platforms are free for general chat and other inquiries. Thank you for your usual support.

Please use the following format in reporting:

  • Wallet Address

  • Category (Game or ELEFinity)

  • Date and time the error was encountered

  • Screenshot or video of whole screen

  • Description of the issue or how to replicate the issue

  • NFT ID (If applicable)

  • Discord/Telegram Userrname or Email Address (this is only to contact you if necessary)

Bug Reporting Form:

  1. Go to

  2. Hover to "About"

  3. Click on Bug Report

  4. Complete all required fields

  5. Click on Submit

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