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Hello ELEF World!!!

We have another exciting announcement for everyone!

We will have a HUGE DISCOUNT for everyone who will participate in buying our Limited chests!

Limited chests will be on sale for only 70,000 ELEF tokens per chest! That’s a DISCOUNT of 30% or 30,000 ELEF tokens!

You only need to LOCK 70,000 ELEF tokens in Deeplock for 30 days!

**The first 300 participants are still entitled to the 35,000 ELEF tokens per limited chest.

**This offer will be for the 400 additional participants. Limited chests are for 70000 ELEF tokens only.

**Players who will participate with this offer will need to lock their tokens in Deeplock until December 30, 2021.

**Players who locked their token will get a guaranteed reservation on our Limited Chest.

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