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“King Neimad” The Go-between king of Sharklantis

Shark Thug Sneak Preview

Be Ready for Our next Game coming this July 2022!!!

“King Neimad”

The go-between king of Sharklantis

The king is known because of his calmness. He is adaptive to new circumstances and knows how to get the best of any situation. People in Sharklantis find him being constantly busy getting stuff done. He believes that there is only one lifetime so he gives it his all and he makes the most of it even when it's hard at times. He likes to maintain a close community and a good environment so he sees to it that everyone's voice in the kingdom is heard.

Hello ELEF World!!!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the main characters in Shark Thug!

These unique characters are created based on the ideas of our very talented staff. As a tradition, we still have the “tubes” for their mouth which is the ELEF signature. We will have more characters available soon.

We will still use LF tokens as the primary currency for Shark Thug. These LF tokens can be converted to our universal token, ELEF. We have lots of events for you to participate and earn!
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