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Lily - Leader of Liliaceae

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Verdtube Sneak Preview

Be Ready for Our Next GAME coming this April 2022!!!


Leader of Liliaceae

Lily is very aggressive. As the leader of Liliaceae, their geographical location makes them the laughing stock of the kingdom. This is the reason she is straightforward and is not afraid to make herself heard. She always has plans of expanding the kingdom and believes that if one of her plans materializes, she and her tribe will be recognized and respected by everyone.

Hello ELEFbody!!!

We are very excited about our next game this April 2022! Here’s a sneak peek of one of the supporting characters in VerdTube!

These unique characters are created based on the ideas of our very talented staff. As a tradition, we still have the “tubes” for their mouth which is the ELEF signature. We will have more characters available soon.

We will still use LF tokens as the primary currency for VerdTube. These LF tokens can be converted to our universal token, ELEF. We have lots of events for you to participate and earn!

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