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Luck Spin Gameplay

Hello ELEF World

Now that you can convert ELEF to LF, you can play the Lucky Spin!!!

Here's how:

Login to your Elef account.

  • Click on Games -> Luckyspin

First, you need to purchase spin credits using your LF.

Enter the amount of spin credits you desire.

  • This will show how much LF it will cost for the desired spin credit.

After clicking on purchase, you will see the available spin credits.

  • You will also see your items, lucky points and the SPIN button will be available.

When you click on spin, wait for the wheel to stop and with your luck, you can win items or LF tokens!!! You are a sure winner in every spin!!!

When you have exhausted your spin credits, the spin button will be greyed out. You will see the items on the right side and your lucky points.

You can buy unlimited spin credit so long as you have LF tokens!!!

Hope you enjoyed this guide on how to play Lucky Spin!!!

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