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Lucky Spin Gameplay Preview

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Hello ELEF World!!!

We are welcoming another new year once again.

With that being said, we know that you are all excited for the launch of our games.

We are thrilled to introduce our in-game Lucky Spin where you can win various items and LF tokens that you can use in NanoTube mining.

Please see the mechanics for the Lucky Spin Below:

1 Spin = 100 LF per spin

**Unlimited spin per user as long as there's an LF to spend.

*** 1 Free Spin per day for Limited Characters

We also have lucky points reward per item.

LF = 50 Lucky points

Pick & Shovel = 75 Lucky points

TNT = 100 Lucky points

Food = 150 Lucky points

Season 1 Reward:

Top 1 = 200,000 ELEF

Top 2 - 10 = 50,000 ELEF

Top 11 to 100 = 10,000 ELEF

Top 101 to 1000 = 1,000 ELEF

**Season = Quarterly basis

And here’s how you can earn Bonus Points:

  • Each spin can be shared to any social media account which will be rewarded with 125 Lucky points.

  • Limited to 1 share per spin per social media. If you want to earn additional points, you will need to spin again.

  • 1 Free Spin per day for Limited Characters

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