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Marketplace - Floor Price Entry

Hello Elef World!!!

The effort and dedication that everyone, developers and community alike, brought into this project has been great and monumental. We do not want it to be overlooked and waste all the time and resources everyone has put into this to make Elef World successful.

With this being said, we will be setting the price of our Crypto NanoTube price to 1500 ELEF. This will enable those who missed the chest sale to get and own their NFT character(s) so they may start earning as well.

We also want to inform everyone that owning a beginner class miner is not so much as a let down but an opportunity to earn 12,500 LF in 72 hours! And once our Fusion opens, you can combine 2 beginner-class miners and get an intermediate-class miner.

For the full details of the Fusion, you may visit the Crypto NanoTube whitepaper in our website.

Let's all start deploying those characters to earn big!!!

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