Marketplace is NOW LIVE!!!

Hello Elef World!!!

Good News to EVERYONE!!! Marketplace is NOW LIVE!!!

You will be able to create your account and play the Lucky Spin!!!

Here're the steps on creating your account:

  • It will ask for you to "Login with Metamask"

  • You need to login to your Metamask Wallet to link the marketplace

  • Please note that you need to create an account first before you can use the Email/Address portion.

  • Fill out the needed information as shown below.

  • After creating your account, you will be directed to your Inventory:

  • 1: Wallet Address

  • 2: Elef Token's current exchange rate in USD

  • 3: Your username, wallet address, LF and ELEF balance

  • 4: Exchange - where you can exchange ELEF to LF and vice versa

  • 5: Your Assets (NFTs); Chests; Game Items

We will be releasing the content of the other links soon!!!

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