Nano vs Verd Tube Duel - PvP Elite Fight Club

Hello ELEF World!

Here's another peek on the match that will be available in the Nano VS Verd Tube Duel

PvP Elite Fight Club

  • You need to bet a minimum of 10 ELEF each duel.

  • Maximum bet of 100,000 ELEF each duel.

  • The winner will claim the total bet, less 20% tax.

  • For every bet of 10 ELEF, you will have 1 experience point.

  • For every match, the NFT will earn experience to level up.

  • Waiting room will be based on your desired bet.

  1. Example:

  • Room 1: BET OF 10 ELEF.

  • Room 2: BET OF 100 ELEF.

  • Room 3: BET OF 1,000 ELEF.

  • Room 4: BET OF 10,000 ELEF.

  • Room 5: BET OF 100,000 ELEF.

  • Rematch will be enabled.


  • All Nano & Verd owners can participate in the 3rd Game of ELEF World.

  • Your chosen NFT character will enter a waiting room for an opponent.

  • Once an opponent is available, the match will begin.

  • The matching of opponents will be based on their current level.

  • The match will be based on Rock – Paper – Scissors game.

  • Each character has 3 lifelines.

  • 1st 3 matches = 1 lifeline push/pull

  • If after 10 matches and there is no winner, sudden death will be triggered:

  • Sudden death ruling:

  • 11th match – 2 hits per win

  • 12th match – 3 hits per win

  • 13th match – 4 hits per win


We would also want to introduce our affiliate, ELEFINITY SOLUTIONS and it's upcoming system integration to ELEF World!


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