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Opening Chest Gameplay Preview

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Hello ELEF World!!!

After buying your desired chest, you will need to open it to see the character you got.

Here're ways on how you can open your purchased chests:

1. After clicking on "Buy Now!", go to the your Inventory page where you’ll see the “Chests” tab.

2. From your main dashboard, you may manually select My Inventory and then select Chests tab. Both ways will show you an Open Chest button.

Once "Open Chest" is clicked, you will see the following information of the character that you got which includes the Image, Name, Details (Type, Owner, Game, Age and Total Mined Elefs).

**After buying your chest, you will need to wait for 7 days for the chest to be opened

Are you excited??? No worries, you’ll experience it very soon!

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