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“Ryker” - The King of Nano

Nanotube Sneak Preview

Be Ready for Our FIRST GAME coming this January 2022!!!


The King of Nano

King Ryker is a compassionate ruler. He is the strongest and most skillful of all. Nobody in Nano can be compared to his brilliance in battle during his prime. He is the reason why the Nano Kingdom is the capital city of Elef World. He is merciless in the battlefield but a gentle and loving father and ruler. He has a trusting nature to those who are close to him. He always tries to see the goodness in his subjects. He loves Elle the most and he will do anything for his beloved daughter.

Hello ELEF World!!!

We are very excited about our upcoming game this January 2022! Here’s a sneak peek of one of the main characters in Crypto Nanotube Mining!

These unique characters are created based on the ideas of our very talented staff. As a tradition, we still have the “tubes” for their mouth which is the ELEF signature. We will have more characters available soon.

We will still use LF tokens as the primary currency for Nanotube Mining. These LF tokens can be converted to our universal token, ELEF. We have lots of events for you to participate and earn!

Airdrop Event

Lucky Spin 1 - Week Marathon

Whitelist Event

And many more to come!!!

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