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“Ryuu” Leader of the Deinaus Kingdom

Dinotube Sneak Preview

Here's a sneak peek to one of our upcoming games!!!


Leader of the Deinaus Kingdom

Prominence was brought by his power of persuasion. He has a scheming mind and really does well In leading his people. King Ryuu is aggressive, a fighter and he is desire-oriented. He works hard to excel in his field of expertise. He stands by his decisions and he takes pride in his achievements.

Hello ELEF World!!!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the main characters in DinoTube!

These unique characters are created based on the ideas of our very talented staff. As a tradition, we still have the “tubes” for their mouth which is the ELEF signature. We will have more characters available soon.

We will still use LF tokens as the primary currency for Dinotube Mining. These LF tokens can be converted to our universal token, ELEF. We have lots of events for you to participate and earn!
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