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Shark Thug Sneak Preview

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Be Ready for Our next Game coming this July 2022!!!


The son of Neimad and crown prince of Sharklantis. He is very spirited and idealistic. He is strong and rebellious -- he goes against the rules or opposes authority in order to get what he wants. He often gets into fights against other sharks just to prove his strength. He formed and leads the group "Carcharodon" which is a gang of great whites.

Hello ELEF World!!!

We are very excited about our new NFT characters for the upcoming Shark Thug game! And we want to give you a sneak peek at the characters!

These unique characters are created based on the ideas of our very talented staff. As a tradition, we still have the “tubes” for their mouth which is the ELEF signature. Since the game will be about sharks as the name suggests, we will have more characters available soon.

We will still use ELEF tokens as the primary currency for the Shark Thug so take advantage of our Crypto Nanotube Mining game that will be released in January 2022 to rake up those ELEF tokens! We have a lot of events for you to participate and earn!

  • Airdrop Event

  • Lucky Spin 1 - Week Marathon

  • Whitelist Event

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