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Sneak Peek Video: ELEF World's NEW Game VERDTUBE - coming this April 8!

Greetings ELEFbody!

It's another elefciting day for our community! We are thrilled to share this sneak peek video of our upcoming game - VerdTube!

Although VerdTube is a passive game, you can still earn huge by deploying your “Verds” to extract LF from the ground. Owning a Verd will also give you an edge with the release of our 3rd game: THE NANO VS VERD TUBE DUEL.

This game will also launch the dawn of our Metaverse which will happen very soon!

Who's ready? Mark your calendars as VerdTube is coming to ELEF World on April 8, 2022!

This month will be full of revelations and surprises. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff!

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