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The Most Awaited TUBE DUEL PvP 3rd Game is Coming this June 2022!! (White Paper)

Hello ELEFbody!!

We can't wait to announce that the TUBE DUEL PvP Game White Paper is now published in our Official Website.

With the TUBE DUEL PvP Game White Paper now published, it's time to get ready for the battle to come this June 2022. To join in on the fun, purchase Nanotubes and Verdtubes and start battling other players. It's an exciting battle that will bridge the Two Worlds of NanoTube and VerdTube!

All NanoTube and VerTube owners can participate in the 3rd Game of ELEF World with different number of fights by its class.

This is 100% Burning Mechanism! Introducing ELEFLIX... your ticket for every fight! There two types of subscription: Normal and Deluxe with different features.

Game Modes:

  • PvP ( Player Versus Player Normal

  • PvP ( Player Versus Player Custom

  • PvP ( Player Versus Player Elite

  • Derby Tournament ( Daliy, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly )

Level Up your Characters! Gain Experience by participating in the PvP Derby Tournament or Fight Club and buy Experience Points. The higher your level, the higher LF rewards you will earn in each PvP match up!

The matching of opponent will be based on their current level.

The fight will be based on Rock-Paper and Scissor game.

Each characters has 3 Life Lines.

1st 3 Rounds = 1 Lifeline push/pull

If after 10 Rounds and there is no winner, sudden death will be triggered:


11th Round - 2 hits per win

12th Round - 3 hits per win

13th Round - 4 hits per win

Learn and discover more about the TUBE DUEL PVP GAME by following this link

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