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Token Migration - Deeplock Discontinuation

Hello Elefbody!

We want to apologize for the panic and confusion that was brought about by Deeplock.

Deeplock is a third-party company that we use to keep our digital assets safe. Our entire token supply, liquidity pool and some of your tokens who participated in the promos are locked using the platform.

For the past 2 days or so, deeplock site went down and we were waiting for their update on what happened. Unfortunately, we did not get any response and up until now, we are still waiting for their explanation on what happened. Thus, making us decide drastically to protect the community.



We will be migrating to a new contract address and will use Unicrypt instead to avoid these situations in the future.

What does this mean?

It means that our token will have a new CA because the old CA is locked in Deeplock and we are unable to withdraw because the site is down and we are unable to withdraw the tokens. We will use Unicrypt to lock our tokens for safe keeping.

What you need to do?

For the current token holders, please refrain from exchanging your ELEF tokens. It will have a low value. For our new players and investors, please DO NOT BUY tokens because it will go directly to the CA that is with deeplock.

For the members who participated in the VerdTube Whitelisting, we have a record of the qualified individuals so your investment is SAFE. Our MP and exchange will also be disabled temporarily to avoid further damage and aggravation.

Mining, Lucky Spin and the Scholarship Program will still continue.

We are working on the issue right now to have our new CA published so we can continue playing and earning.

Please refrain from any form harassment to our moderators. We are all victims here but we are making it right for everyone. We only ask for your patience and understanding and rest assured that we will get through this issue. Thank you.

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