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Tutorial: How Buy NFT Assets in the Marketplace

Hello Elef World!!!

We want to introduce our Marketplace where you can also buy and sell your NFT assets aside from buying chests.

Please be advised to wait for a few seconds for your transaction to reflect in your account. Usually, it only takes 10 - 20 seconds but may take up to 1 minute. You can refresh the page to see if the transaction went through successfully.

There is no need for you to rush in buying and selling your assets so please be patient.

This is a quick guide on how to buy NFT assets in the Marketplace:

1. Go to then click "Marketplace" and hit the "For Sale" tab. You can also filter the on-sale assets by price or listing date.

2. Select the NFT asset that you want to buy. Once selected, you will see all the information tied to the character.

3. It will ask you to "Approve" the transaction first. Once you click "Approve", it will ask you to confirm the transaction in Metamask. Just hit "Confirm". Please note that you will need a small amount of BNB for the transaction to push through.

4. After your approval, the button will change to "Buy Now".

5. It will again ask you to sign in to Metamask to approve the transaction.

Once your transaction is approved, you will now have the character in your inventory. Again, please wait for a few seconds to 1 minute for it to reflect in your account. You may also refresh the page in case it doesn't show in your inventory.

Thank you and enjoy this quick guide on how to buy assets in the Marketplace!!!

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