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Nobody can beat the FIRST!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Hello ELEFBody!!

ELEFINITY SOLUTIONS in partnership with ELEF World NFT Game is now opening its Door of Big Opportunity to our Investors, Players and community as a whole to be the FIRST and PIONEER to position yourselves in our 3C Leverage Program ( COLLECT, COMPLETE & CASH OUT)

Be the FIRST!! Pre-register to Lock and Secure your positions now before our grand launching on May 2022!


1. Secured top position before the grand launching and encoding .

2. Earn unlimited Income from direct referral and matching bonus or a spill over from your group.

3. Earn Daily LF Bonus for 365 days!

4. Earn LF from your Puzzle Card NFTs..

PRE REGISTER REQUIREMENTS: ( Lock and Secure Your Position)

1.Must have an account at for your account information.

2.Must avail any Packages offered by ELEFINITY SOLUTIONS. See all the packages available HERE

3. Buy ELEF token from Pancake Swap and deposit the ELEF token to this wallet address: 0x1229F9C2a589C62DC446429192F724F2EC744fa8 (- ELEFINITY SOLUTIONS Developer Wallet)

4. Submit Proof of Payment: ( Screen shots of transactions, Wallet address and Package availed. Send your proof of payment to


Don't let this Once in a LifeTime Opportunity pass you by! Enjoy and Reap the Benefits of being the FIRST!

ELEFINITY SOLUTIONS was designed as a 2nd Wave of Auto Buyback Features to support ELEF World Ecosystem and to build an Unshakable Foundation for the community.

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