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VerdTube: LF Earning & Contract duration Update

Hello Elef World!!!

With the upcoming VerdTube, we have updated the game's LF earning and contract. Please be guided on the rules of the LF token earning and contract based on the tables below:

LF Token Earning for VerdTube:

  • The system will randomly choose the LF earnings that your Verd may extract depending on the rarity for each contract (1 day). This applies to Normal Verds only.

  • Limited Verd/Seed have 500,000 LF extraction power with a 4-18 days contract (randomly chosen).

Contract Days for VerdTube:

  • Extraction Day (contract) for all Verds except Limited only have 1 day of contract.

  • Limited Verds have a 4-18 days contract that the system will randomly choose.

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