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VerdTube - Limited Seed Benefits Updated (March 6, 2022)!

Hello ELEFbody!

We have updated the benefits that you can get for owning a Limited Seed/Verd in our next game, VerdTube!

Cloning capability of our Limited seed/Verd has been increased from 11 to 15 normal seeds due to the high demand for scholars. More characters that can be cloned means more characters can be listed by managers for hiring!

Cloning Power is also updated!!! You can now clone 15 Normal Seed/Verd instead of 10. That's 5 additional Normal Seeds/Verds for you to use in the extraction of LF or you may list in the Marketplace.
100 Free Spins for Limited Seed/Verd per Account
Extracting Power for each Limited Verd will be 500,000 LF. That's 5,000 ELEF additional income!

Just click on the button below to get redirected on how to get Whitelisted:

All this additional benefits is yours when you get a Limited Seed. Sign up for the Limited Seed Whitelist now and enjoy additional discounts before all the slots are taken!!!

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